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Friends. Please note that Buddhist Recovery Circle is on hold as an active organization.  

Meanwhile, we hope the material on this site will continue to benefit people in their practice and recovery. 

Programs and Retreats for 

Buddhist Recovery Communities

What is Buddhist Recovery Circle?

BRC is an online resource for people on a Buddhist recovery path. We stand in solidarity with many  Buddhist recovery programs including, but not limited to, Recovery Dharma, Eight Step Recovery, Refuge Recovery, 5th Precept Sangha, and people practicing Buddhist principles in a 12 Step context.

The Recovery Meditation Library button below leads to a list of recorded meditations. These recordings are 15-20 minute minutes in length and are freely available for use in Buddhist recovery meetings.

The Collected Dharma Talks button leads to talks by different teachers. While some of the talks may not be specifically recovery related, many were given in the context of Buddhist recovery retreats and are helpful in deepening understanding of the dharma.

The Anapanasati Meditation button leads to talks and guided meditations from the Pittsboro Recovery Dharma Meditation Group.

The Talks on the Five Precepts button leads to short talks on each of the Five Precepts. These talks are from the 2022 Summer Precept Series.

Half and Full Day Retreats are available in person or via Zoom on the topics listed below. Retreats are offered by BRC several times throughout the year. 

Getting Started in Buddhist Recovery

This 20 minute video introduces basic ideas in Buddhist teaching, such as those used in Recovery Dharma, Refuge Recovery, or Buddhist Twelve Step programs. 

Meditation in Buddhist Recovery

In this 40 minute video we discuss the idea of using meditation in our recovery work. More specifically, we look at how a practice of Anapanasati meditation (Full Awareness of Breathing) can help us in a process of self-examination and discovery. The video ends with a guided meditation through the first four Anapanasati contemplations of breath and body.


Sheldon Clark is a lay-ordained Zen Buddhist practitioner and has a longstanding practice applying Buddhist principles to his own recovery. He has experience in both Recovery Dharma and Refuge Recovery, and taught Anapanasati meditation for Pittsboro Recovery Dharma.

Sheldon teaches meditation and dharma for people in recovery and is the author of the book Buddhist Recovery Daily Practice. He also practices contemplative care in hospice and healthcare settings.

Julia Hayes has the heart of a contemplative, the spirit of a Buddhist, the devotion of a mother, and the creativity of an artist. She uses the richness of storytelling to communicate some of the most heartfelt teachings of the Buddha.

Julia is the owner of Souls Center, a spiritual classroom and sanctuary in Spokane, Washington whose focus is spiritual empowerment for those seeking guidance and understanding of their own Divine Mystery. Souls Center offers many meditation opportunities and mindfulness practices, as well as Recovery Dharma meetings for people in recovery and their families

Julia lives on an organic farm with her husband and their three children.

Gary Sanders is originally from the Los Angeles area, where he was the founder of SCV Mindfulness. He was empowered to lead Buddhist meditation and dharma groups at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society. He helped from the ground level to found Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist-based recovery program for all addictions, which has now spread worldwide. 

During his years in Portland, Gary was asked to join the teaching staff at Portland Insight Meditation Community. Although he moved back to Los Angeles in 2021, Gary continues to provide teachings to the PIMC sangha. He also travels frequently and teaches daylongs and workshops all around North America.