Recovery Meditations

Buddhist Recovery Meditation Library

These meditations are freely available for use in Buddhist recovery meetings.

Gary Sanders

Reverse Benefactor Meditation

In this 20 minute meditation, we are invited to remember the love and care of those closest to us.

Metta for the Self

In these difficult times, this meditation helps us offer loving kindness to ourselves.

Sheldon Clark

Mindfulness of Breath and Body

This 19 minute recording is a simple meditation on breath and body.

The Four Reminders

This 20 minute meditation touches on four important reminders: that our lives are precious, that impermanence is real, that we are governed by cause and effect, and that there is dis-ease in our lives.

Who Are You?

This 16 minute meditation starts as a contemplation of breath and body, ending with an opportunity to consider, "Who are you?"

Strong Back, Soft Heart

This 19 minute meditation is for everyone who needs strength to bear the difficulties of life, and a compassionate heart to bear witness to suffering.

A Simple Breath Meditation

A 15 minute meditation.

Developing Receptive Attention

This 23 minute meditation helps us to practice "receptive attention." With receptive attention ,we hold ourselves open to our sensory input, including thought, seeing it not as distraction but rather as part of our broader field of mindful awareness. In this way we remain in the realm of our experience while stepping out of our reactions to our experience.

Stephen Randall

Metta Meditation (with music)

This 14 minute recording is a traditional Metta meditation.

Forgiveness Meditation

This 10 minute recording is a traditional Forgiveness meditation.

Julia Hayes

Teaching a Thief

In this 12 minute story meditation we hear how a wise teacher dealt with a thief, and how a generous spirit can work change in our community.

The Great Matter of Life and Death

In this 12 minute story meditation we hear about the Eightfold Path, and how wise concentration helps us to focus on what matters the most.

The Frog and the Well

In this 12 minute story meditation we hear a tale of being satisfied with a narrow point of view while missing the openness of life itself.

Recovery Dharma

Sitting With Difficult Emotions

This 20 minute recording

First Foundation of Mindfulness: Breath and Body

This 25 minute recording grounds us in the solidity of body and breath.

Second Foundation of Mindfulness: Feeling Tone

This 21 minute recording helps us to understand the to the bare affective tone of experience, whether pleasant, painful, or neutral..

Third Foundation of Mindfulness: Mind

This 26 minute recording helps us to observe the contents of our minds.

Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness: Mindfulness of Dharmas

This 34 minute recording helps us to contemplate groups of phenomena organized in ways that reflect the goal of the Buddha’s teaching.

Equanimity Mediation

This 19 minute recording helps us to see without being caught by what we see, giving rise to a sense of peace.