Audio Excerpts

From Past BRC Workshops and Retreats

Right View

This 15 minute talk and conversation are excerpted from the online workshop "Deepening Our Practice in Buddhist Recovery," led by Sheldon Clark. The talk explores the idea of Right View and how it relates to recovery.

The Role of Quiet Meditation in Buddhist Recovery

This 30 minute talk and guided meditation are also from the workshop "Deepening Our Practice in Buddhist Recovery," The talk introduces ideas about the importance of quiet meditation in recovery. The meditation helps to ground the listener in mindfulness of body and breath as a stage for further exploration of feelings, emotions, and the contents of our minds.

Reframing Distraction

Short Talk

This 14 minute talk is from an in-person Buddhist Recovery Circle workshop titled "Deepening Meditation in Buddhist Recovery." The talk asks us to consider "distractions" in meditation as sensory inputs from what the Buddha noted as our six senses, including the mind. The question explored is this: "Are these sensory inputs outside of our mindful awareness, intruding upon it? Or are they a natural part of our experience in mindful awareness?"

Reframing Distraction

Guided Meditation

This 15 minute guided meditation offers practice in reframing sensory input; learning to see them not as distractions, but as part of our experience in mindful awareness.

Developing Receptive Attention

Guided Meditation, 23 minutes

This meditation builds on the ideas above on reframing distraction. The emphasis here is on using "receptive attention" as we interact with sensory inputs, including thought, during meditation. These things can be distractions. The question is, when sensory input arises do we direct our attention toward something outside of us, or do we receive the input while staying in our field of mindful awareness?